Possible to Modify and create your own Blender GUI/Ui ?

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I was wondering if it is possible to fully or customize the blender user interface such a creating completely new tabs with new graphics like the example below:


And if possible ,how long/hard will it take and if there are any resources to do so .

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

all the Gui’s in bl are made with Python scripts

so you can always re write these to set it up as you wish
but that is a lot of work and better understand what your are doing
or it won’t work !

so good luck

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It depends how far into it you want to get.
For colors File->User Preferences->Themes. Pretty straight forward, but difficult to get a theme fully unified and pleasant to look at.
Toolbar and panel layouts. There you’ll need to get into python scripting.
Button and icon images. These I believe are mostly all compiled in, so you’ll need to replace images in the source code and recompile.
Changing the behavior of the interface. That’s where it starts getting tough. :slight_smile:

@RickyBlender yah did some in depth research and it seems coding and modifying not only the graphics but also the behaviour might take some time…

@ SkpFx planning on changing toolbar,panels layout first // then move to completely reworking and creating new buttons and images alongside and then move to changing the interface behavior,for multiple elements of blender such as the video editor,game engine etc …thats my long term plan since using for me Blender UI makes the workflow very full and time consuming to use at times.

Do you know where I can find any videos or written tutorials on replacing graphics in blender ?I would really be grateful thanks :slight_smile:

may be on blenderstack
or check wiki addons might find some examples
or in scripts forum or python forum
might find other peoples who tried it

but I would simply recommend to work with bl
otherwise you will never end modifying it for small things
then each time there is a new BL version will have to re check everything
which is more work !

happy b

Yeah…I was hoping I could modify blender and turn it into some personal software that I could use for multiple tasks without having a mayor UI flow but then from what it sounds like it means that to completely get what i want in terms of UI I will need blender itself to change its UI or add more flexible options which allows users to change/modify the UI to a certain extent…

Well I will will still try to experiment with the UI and I will just use other software for other tasks sadly

Thank you for the help

I played with the source for a while trying to strip out blender, and save just the OpenGL windowing interface. As I learned, it isn’t realistically possible. It has cyclic dependencies. As a design decision the devs decided not to try to maintain the ability to easily strip out functionality. Removing higher level functionality breaks the lower level stuff.

At least that was my experience. I could be wrong, and I’m not a great programmer. But I do know it’s not a simple task.