Possible to motion blur (cycles) fluid sims yet?

Just wondering if theres any way yet to use motion blur on fluid simulations yet? I havent found anything that says it can be done, but plenty of old threads saying its not yet possible. Just need to know as I have a animated scene to render and theres no point having motion blur on everything else if the water is going to be crystal clear!

At the moment I’m pretty sure motion blur works on transformations on objects, I.e. if its rotating or moving along the XYZ axis.

In all these cases, the mesh data itself is not changing, but simply being transformed/rotated, and using that data the object can be blurred along the path between the start and end position.

Things like deformation motion blur is harder to do (but IS implemented in Cycles, my bad) which for example would be an armature bending an arm. Blurring a fluid sim is even harder as your actually rendering a completely separate mesh for each frame, so there is no linked data to extrapolate between frames to create the blur.

Here is an example of a motion blur render done with a fluid sim, read from the start for some of the details.

In the link above, basically for that frame (lets say 50) instead of rendering frame 50 to 1000 samples, frames 45-55 were each rendered at 100 samples, and then combined (in this case the LuxRender *.flm film files) could be combined to make one film, but you can do the same in photoshop or similar, combining all the images with 100/n % of each image. Like when combining renders to reduce noise.

Your better off generating the blur on the water in some post processing software possible, that can look at the difference between your frames etc…

Deformation motion blur is implemented into cycles? and has been there for a while?


Thanks, I must have missed that! Edited to correct my post.

Can you still use vector blur for the fluid? As far as I know ticking that option in the fluid sim should still work in Cycles. Won’t look as good as raytraced blur but it’d do.