Possible to paint text?

Hi folks,

Is it possible to paint text, without converting it into a mesh?

If so, could anyone give me any pointers about how to go about that?


what do you mean by paint?

Grab a brush, dip it in a paint pot, wipe it over the surface until the desired color change is achieved.

Well, you can and you can not.

You can not get into texture paint mode without unwrapping your object and you can not unwrap text without turning it into a mesh.

However you can set an image texture in your material and give it generated or object coordinates. Then you can paint the image in the image editor. It is not very intuitive as you do not see the text outline in the image editor, and preview in object mode does lag. Mapping will not be very logical but you can paint.

Edit: you can of course add a mapping node to change the mapping, size etc.
Edit2 although in my screen shot at the top it says texture paint I was not in texture paint mode the 3d view is in object mode.

Thanks mate, will look into that!