Possible to render Freestyle edges that are not part of a face?

I would like to delineate lines to be rendered. Unfortunetly it appears that Freestyle will not render edges that are not part of a face. I would like to avoid having faces on these meshes as it is needless work assigning transparent material to them. Any ideas?

Render layers can be used to separate freestyle lines, disable rendering solid faces, use material override.


Here’s 2 things I’ve done to deal with this, depending on the situation:

  1. If I need an animated line that draws itself on the screen, I use a curve, put a bevel object on it, and now it’s got faces that Freestyle will render.

  2. For more complex meshes, I can’t do that – too tedious. I can’t have lines that draw themselves. BUT, I can make meshes where only certain edges are marked “Freestyle Edge” (select edges, do Ctrl e, and you’ll see that on the menu). Then I make a group called “lines-only” or something similar, add the object to the group, and make a line set that only renders edges marked Freestyle.

I’m not great at this. I hope that helped. Maybe someone will see a way to improve what I suggested here. THat’d be great!