possibly a stupid question

the answer to the question i am about to ask you is probably right in front of my face, but how exactly do you write and execute python scripts in blender?

as soon as i clicked submit, i realized that i should have put this in to support, so, sorry.

Well it has to do with python and blenders python interface is not intuitive as far as I’m concerned so it’s a valid question.

First way you can do it:
Split your 3D view port so now you will have two. Change the type of one of them to Text Editor. Create a new buffer by going to File-> new. From there type out your script then execute it by going to File->run python script or Alt P

Second way:
Through the Script window you should be able to add a new script that was created outside of blender. I never figured this out the few times I tried it so I just did the first method.