"Possibly-dead-easy-but"- question **sorted**


I’m in the process of making a street grid for urban modelling and in between countless ‘join selected meshes’ operations I somehoow managed to botch up my material settings.

Ideally, I would like everything you see in that file to be the same material, or alternatively trash all the materials and make a few new ones.

Feel free to have a look here:


Marco :slight_smile:

It look like the only “real” object you have in the file is “Plane.002”, so just delete the rest of the “objects” and change the material for Plane.002 (buttons panel F5)


hm, thx, didn’t work somehow though,… let’s put it this way, how do I delete materials in blender? Thx
Marco :slight_smile:

ok I found a workaround using the outliner hierarchy… :smiley:

I still have plenty of materials I’d like to get rid of though, for clutter reasons.

When you save, any unused materials (ones that aren’t linked to anything) are not saved.

So, to remove unwanted materials - simply unlink, save then re-open.

I think I may have found a bug:

I successfully deleted all the materials and have only one object left - yet when I try to assign a material to the object, only parts of it are affected. Interestingly those are the parts I started out with a week ago.

Marco :slight_smile:


What’s more, the bits other bits won’t have any material whatsoever.

Perhaps there’s an error in the methodology? I’ve just tried it with 2.44, 2.45.10 & 2.45.12 - it works fine in all of them - even the 2.45.12 I built myself…

Are you remembering to use the “Links And Materials” tab in the editing(?) button window - F9?

I just selected 1 of the 4 groups then assigned a new material, deselected the group then went on to the next one. Worked fine each time.



finds ‘links and materials’ and goes on a feverish deletion binge

I think you may have put me on the right track …

Thanks I’ll keep you posted. :slight_smile:

Seems I just had ‘groups’ all over the place.

cool. cool. Glad to have been of assistance.

Nice model btw. I remember seeing some blueprints for housing estates a number of years ago, though they were the printed-on-paper kind - nowhere near as cool as this.


hey cool, glad you like it!
Positive feedback (any feedback) means a lot at this stage because I’m a) still learning and b) have been tinkering with the city since I was 14 or so (1989) in some form or other.