Possibly the weirdest challenge for Blender artists [sign-ups]

As some know, I have recently had the weird idea of connecting people across creative fields. I believe that challenges are a great way to bring people together, so I am drawing up a challenge that will (hopefully) connect 3D artists in here to photographers on Pixabay. Making friends is cool, says the after school TV special.

Those who sign up will be partnered at random with a photographer, whose challenge is to take the pictures of a meal needed for the 3D artist to recreate that meal in Blender. The best recreation of the most visually interesting meal wins!

The friends we make along the way?

If this sounds like an interesting challenge for you, please sign up by posting a placeholder reply, and I will start getting in touch with photographers!

(note: There will likely be an unmatched number of 3D artists and photographers. In such a case, some may be offered to have two entries, if they want to)


what is a placeholder reply?

You leave a reply that simply says “placeholder” or “I sign up”. When the contest ends, you can edit it to post your work in that reply.


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Is it still gonna happen?

Sorry to say, but due to a lack of interested peoole, it seems to be a no launch :frowning:

It depends how many photographers want to submit. I could do about 5 entries?

You are literally the only one who reponded… :frowning:

oh :frowning:


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You dont say