Possibly wishful thinking

I’m playing around with getting blocks to follow a path in an effort to make a conveyor belt. Got it working great and all, but I’ve wanted to edit the block I’m using a few times now in an effort to improve the effect. Now, this generally means editing the block, then duplicating it 20 times and increasing the path offset by 4 each time (so they’re evenly spaced). This is potentially very tedious. >_>

Is there any way to “link” two object together, so they share a mesh/attributes and any change you make to one is made to all, so they all continue to match? This would make my life so easy. :slight_smile: I know there’s a way to duplicate objects across vertices, but I’m not sure it’s the same thing (or helpful here). Thanks.

You select an object, and press ALTKEY+DKEY.

Damn; that’s sweet! Thanks; perfect.

Or select all the existing blocks, Ctrl-L -> Mesh Data. Same effect as Alt-D (insteced copies), but without having to reposition to objects.


You can’t use dupliverts for this because that only works on meshes and dupliverting won’t make the other objects follow the curve.

I think R2Blend is right. Attach a single cube to the path and then alt-d. You get another cube. All you have to do is select the new cube and in the object panel (F7), change the offset in the constraint. This moves it along the path a bit from the original cube.

It doesn’t even matter if you forget which cube was the original because no matter which one you edit, they all change.