Post apocalypse Morgan

I wanted to create a post-apocalypse version of my Morgan car I made years ago.
I’m going for a more functional version of the post-apocalypse esthetic, e.g. no random spikes, chain or skulls that have no functional purpose.

currently textured with mostly box mapped textures mixed with some procedural stuff.


Improved lighting a bit and added a touch of volumetric atmosphere

I experimented with creating a clay render, but still keeping all the bump/normal maps from my textures, sadly I think this looks way better than my complete textures :frowning:

Clay render without the bump/normal maps:

With “full” textures

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Very nice car! :+1:
Good work!

By the way, I think your textured car is really good. Maybe there could be some more bump on the shovel in the front, but otherwise I’m fine with it!

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Thanks! I did what you said and I increased the bump on the procedural rust and added the displacement maps for the rust textures on the plow, it is subtle but I think it does look quite a bit better :slight_smile:


Yes, it is indeed subtle, but I also like it better this way. :ok_hand:

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Going for more of a dusty style as it feels like it fits better with the environment.
If I had the time and energy I’d learn to texture paint rather than trying to do it procedurally…

I think I’m getting close to being finished (if there is such a thing)