Post Apocalyptic Scene - Blender 2.81

Hi, this is my last 3D enviroment made in blender 2.81 n.n
In this case I used E-cycles for final render and affinity photo for postproduction.
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Final with post.

Final with post v2.

Final with post v3.

No postproduction.


Nice work! how was the rubble placed? hand placement or some sort of plugin?


Very Nice Work But One Suggestion - Your Front Wall (Which is Broken) Should have more harsh edges as when wall is Broken it never breaks that smoothely it has some single bricks left and that makes broken boundary more rough and it will also Give more Realistic Results
Other Than That Very Nice and Realistic work


Very realistic and excellent work on texture and lighting, this give me the urge to play Call of Chernobyl!

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it’s nice, ready for games or, Animation - -

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks for this support :smiley:

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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This is looking really good overall.
But somehow those red barrels really look out of place and one looks like it floats.

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Nice work, I really love it but tbh it didn’t give me the post apocalyptic vibe more like a war zone, my suggestion would be to add excess vegetation or any other natural phenomenon, sand maybe ice.
just to give the intended vibe, all in all solid work

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Great mood in centre but R_animation_studios is right about too smooth hole in wall. I think you started great with this shape in terms of wall material but bricks should be added sepereratly to break a boundary. Still great work. Keep fighting :wink:

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