Post Apocalyptic Warehouse - Blender Guru Tutorial

Hey Guys,

I’m still relatively new to Blender and even the world of 3D modelling. I’ve been following Blender Guru’s tutorials for a while now but with this one, rather than use his starter file I wanted to start it by creating everything myself and of course adding my own touches.

This is what I have so far and I’d like some feedback and some ideas I can add to it. My main focus will be around the oil drum. I will have a lone character perhaps sitting on a crate with their hands over the fire.

Andrew critiqued his tutorial scene himself, composition and value/color balance.
You can apply it to your own scene as well :slight_smile:
I’d say the render is too dark as it is now, you could try adding a hemi light from the cieling to soften it a bit.
To make the image more interesting, I personally would crop the render more wide and have a strong flashlight sitting on the box, like this:

Also make some simple blurred foreground elements, that would frame the composition nicely.
And lower the brightness of the lamp in the back as well
Finish off with a bit of dust particles in the air and it would be perfect

In my opinion at least

Thanks for the reply, I’ve not had chance to watch Andrew’s video yet but I’ve made some tweaks based on what you’ve suggested.