post blender use..

heyya ive made my animation… al works perfectly… however im having troubles saving my animation… this is my first animation… im sorry if its quite basic.

ive set it up so it looks about right… what i idealy would like is 20 jpeg pictures. but i can turn an avi into 20 jpegs with other programs.

ive set it to codec avi. press anim then once its finished press f3 and it says “select image type in display buttons(f10)”
can anyone firstly explain what this error means that ive done wrong?
how do i save to avi?
and if possible, how do i save each frame as 20 jpegs?

i know that you could just render each frame 1 by 1… but then i have 7 more 20 frame animations i need to be done =p

thankyou all

When rendering an animation and saving the sequence of images, it’s automatically done for you when you hit the anim button. To find the files, look “Output” panel in your RenderButtons. The top field will tell you where the files have been placed and what name you’re using for them.

Hopefully that makes sense. If not, let me know and I’ll try n’ make a screenshot that might be more helpful.

Oh… and if you want to save it as a sequence of jpgs, then set your output format to “Jpeg” and Blender will handle the rest.

For future reference, F3 is only for saving a single rendered image and is not used for animations at all. Fweeb gave you the info for movies. Good luck (believe it or not, it all becomes logical after a while)