Post funny flash animations here, don't be shy

I’m meaning funny flash animations like this one

Post any flash animation that really stands out for you. Just make sure there’s no swearing, sexual content, intense gore, nudity, or anything innapropriate

This isn’t really flash (pivot actually), but here it is anyway.

Ok, first of all, CyborgDragon, the sight you linked calls it Flash gone Crazy, but it is really called Animator vs. Animation. Seriously, its on Newgrounds, and there is a sequel.

But that didn’t reall matter did it?

One of my favorite: (Flash file)
For those that are windows deprived…

This inspired me to make my own: (Game I never finished)

Best ones.

orion119net: As far as albinoblacksheep goes, GOT TO SEE THIS ONE: (Warning, contains Blood)

I think it does matter. Although I don’t think there is a sequel to that specific animation. I looked on newgrounds and I couldnt find it.

There was one other animation done by the same artist called “Pink Army”, but that one was done before AvA.

Your right, his sequel isn’t on Newgrounds, but you can search “Animator vs. Animation 2,” and stuff will show up.

Nope, naw, err, just can’t do it shuffles feet guess I am just too shy :o

The Dr Wily show!

Ninja attack.

A few of my own funny Flash efforts:~

And an old favorete - NOT one of my own…

When you click the link whatever you do, DON’T push the button.

“Now watch the visual phenomenon that is…BAMBI 3 (final justice)”