Post :I don't have the Blue backscreen

I got a white screen with the post on it
the blue background is gone

is this a new way for these post or a server error ?

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lol, it took me a while to figure out what you said. THIS is the new color scheme for, and is considered to be an upgrade from the old blue scheme.

I should have been more elaborate sorry

I find it too bright

is there a way to bring bak the old blue background or any color i choose ?


no you can’t pick the color theme right now. But there is a 10 page post in the news section discussing the theme. Many people found it too bright and messy, so it’s not just you :smiley:

I also find that the size of the font text is getting smaller and smaller
Soon i’ll have to wear magnifier + shade to read it — LOL

i would prefer a font size of around 10 or 12 - much easier to read


Welcome to the world of the so-called post-modern web design…

What browser are you using? I.E. ?

Both Firefox and Opera easily allow the text size to be increased

… I just tried I.E. and it doesn’t seem to do anything even when changing the view/Text size


I got explorer 6

but i did not see where to override the font size for the text on the web page !


I just saw that we cannot see anynore how many peoples have look at the post

this was an interesting statistic

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RJ2005, and Mike;
One can’t change the font size in IE because this forum was build with CSS elements. Sadly IE only allows you to change the font size of plain html ‘font’ tags.

If you are using Firefox, View–>Text size will allow adjustment of text size.
View–>page style–>no style lets you set font and background colors which can be found under Tools–>options–>content–>fonts and colors. The advanced button has an option box that allows, or does not allow sites to specify fonts and colors. Kind of a pain, but much easier on the eyes. :slight_smile:
(I don’t know just how much these settings affect other forum features, but helps with text anyway.)