post-nvidia update

hello everyone

i have just updated by nvidia drivers (i have a TNT2 card and am running XP) and blender is now running in such very glitchy fashion, e.g. individual frames do not update unless clicked on, crashes when rendering

what can i do?
should i reinstall?

thanks for replying to this boring technical question.

Which driver versions are you running?

Which brand of graphic card, that is, who made it?


Gee, what a mess that is… All I can say is that after messing around with 15 - 20 different drivers, official, unofficial and MS Certified versions, I’m still stuck with some really old NT4-drivers for my TNT-card, even though I’m running W2K. Old stuff rules, sometimes.

I’m Running blender 2.23 on my 1.2ghz 256 RAM 32 TNT2 (with up to date drivers) and it dosen’t work… :x :x :x :x it used to and now I can’t learn to do what I love doing!!! help me if u can I tried re-installing Directx 8.1, blender, my cards driver, re-downloading (to make sure they aren’t botched) and I went as far as re-formatting and doing it all over but to no sucsess.