Posting in a foreign forum - 'special access'?

Hi there. Should be a quickie. I was perusing through the French Blender forums (ah, the joys of multiple languages :wink: ) when I came upon a question I wanted to answer about ‘Make sticky’ and sticky texture coordinates. So I click on reply - only to find that I need ‘special access’ to post a reply!!!

Now I was able to read the forum, so it doesn’t seem as though there’s priviliged information in that forum that needs guarding from us English-speakers… So why has this been implemented on a forum that many French speakers may want to use (eg moi), and how do we get this ‘special access’?

Thanks in advance guys.

You must be a member of the

‘French Blender Users’ Group to post there.

Join that group!


it’s ok, I added you to the group already.