Posts with URLs forbidden?


I was trying to post a question in the Support->Animation forum and got post denied with a rather cryptic message concerning number of URLs and nasty words.

My post contained exactly one URL pointing to the blender wiki and absolutely no nasty words that I could think of.

What are the rules exactly? I searched the Forum Rules (linked in the upper right corner), but I found nothing concerning URLs.

BR // Astrogee

Hey Astrogee,

You’re not allowed to include links in your first few posts. It’s to prevent trolls, spambots, adverjerks, etc., from swamping our beautiful BA forums with their garbage.

Hang around and tell people how wonderful they are in the art forums, or troll around (okay don’t troll around lol) in the OT chat, then you’ll “earn your stripes” :wink: .

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oh ok im having that same problem. how many do i need until i get it?

Ironically the number of posts asking this question sort of diminishes the benefits of having it… instead of spam for cheap meds we have spam asking why no URL’s. Easier on the mods though as the rest of us can help.

Answering the question, I’m not entirely certain, there have been different figures floating around… I would wager 10ish.

same problem here…I’m not sure that this is the best way…but at least now I know where’s the problem!! :wink: thanks

same here … trying to post an entry for the 2.57 splash contest but I can’t insert a link to my image !

reason is as hackedmind and quantum said you cant post links until you have done 10 posts, this is to stop spammers…once you pass the 10 post mark your free then to post lnks.

So go look at around at some finished artwork, and post what you think of them… that gets your post count up.

ok, thanks :wink:

(5 down, 5 to go :P)

Some methods of getting your post count up:

Ask the person above you :eek:
Ask the person below you!
favourite food
Universal vending machine game
Show your first Blender-made render/model EVER

Alternatively you could make purposeful comments and useful additions to the community as suggested by the people above. :wink:

So 10… right! Lets start saying good stuff about other people’s work!!! Fortunately, that will be easy.


it would be pretty easy to modify the text returned to those users faced with this problem. And make the text very specific. Something along the lines of;
You have tried to include a link or image in your message, the following describes why this didn’t work.

At the moment you don’t appear to have established yourself as a regular user of these forums. In an attempt to reduce spam our administrators have regretfully needed to implement a minimum post-count before allowing new members to post links and images. This measure intercepts a lot of very unpleasant material. Please don’t ask in the forums about this rule, instead go forth and browse the forums, leave comments on some of the works you see. Once you reach a post count of X feel free to post links and images.

Thank you!"

Yes a better explanation would be in order. I had a pretty lengthy post that was getting shot down for a URL. When I write long posts, I tend to copy and paste them into a text editor in case something screws up. But I can imagine somebody else not doing that and ultimately losing their post.

I had actually assumed first that it was catching bad words in some silly fashion, I’ve seen some bad filters before that would, well, have caught the word “assumed” like I used just before.

It should also be noted that if you are not currently allowed to post a URL or image, you can report your own post to the mods so we know what’s going on. We can then modify your post to make the URL or image viewable.

Reporting posts isn’t just for spam and bad posts!

Having ten posts i’m asking myself if i need an eleventh :smiley:

And it doesn’t helped…

We are currently establishing a better process to inform new and old users regarding any restrictions.


Thats great to hear - thanks alot!

I got the same error message and my post didn’t contain any URLs at all. I’m confused. Wouldn’t making comments just to get a count up be a form of spamming and not sincere interests in artist’s works?

I cant seem to give a proper response to my issue in the support thread I have going on.

If you run into a problem, report your post and let us know what you want in there. We should be able to fix it for you (including adding images and URLs).

Perhaps it would be helpful to make the message less cryptic and more explicit: “As an anti troll/spam measure, you can’t start a new thread because you haven’t contributed on enough other threads.” Or words to that effect.

However, I have had the same message and didn’t have any URLs in my post. I also didn’t have any rude words, or even words that an automated parser could construe as being rude, but no matter how I edited the post, I was unable to submit it as a new thread. However, I have started a couple of threads so I don’t understand how the restriction works.