Potato Mode + UV Face Select + Sub Surf +UV Edit ????

Does anyone know if there will be Real-Time results when UVmapping in the UVEditor?

Heres’ the deal:

In version 2.37a, you can have have 2 windows displayed. One for the UV Face Select, and the other for the UV Editor. With Potato Mode, you can adjust the vertices in the UV Editor and see instant results in the other window. This is good for correcting an unwrapped UVmap. A small problem exists, when you subsurf, there are many distortions with the map. You don’t see this until you enter Object Mode. A little too late.

In the latest version, 2.40 Alpha 2, you can do all of the above, NOW you can see the subSurf distortions! HOORAY! :smiley: Bad news, you don’t have the luxury of Real-Time editing anymore. You can edit the vertices, but you don’t see the results until after the mouse click, and there is no “UNDO” in UV Editor. :frowning:

Maybe there is a button for this and I didn’t see it.

global undo works on uv coordinates too

Well, so far (with v2.40), it looks like we lost the real-time view of “moving vertices in the UV/image Editor”. This seems to be more of a downgrade from version 2.37a. UVmapping is what rendering 3D images need. Any feature that makes it easier to apply mapped images ia a big “plus”.

Thanks (Ctrl+Z)