modeled with blender then djousted with photoshop.
redered with the internal.


Great details for the books and carpet! Love the composition in this one.
I would have added just a bit of light to the dark areas but I think you purposedly aimed for high contrast and drama.
Blender Internal lighting :slight_smile:

thank you.

Seen a few images from you think a vignette would add a lot of most of them.

Very nice!
The concrete material is great!

The textures are great!..:slight_smile:

You have 9 threads for nine similarly themed renders. It would be better if you made just one thread in future.

the wall texture is awesome mate!

would you mind to share it? :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you

x Tuism: create a cube, reduce the Y width, apply a simple concrete material in UV mode (I don’t have any more sorry but you use google, is simple).
after applying the Bevel modifier and you get this effect

sorry for my english.

x GodOfBigThings: i understand. I wanted to open a gallery, is possible?