For those who remember, a few weeks ago I posted a container with eggs


Here is a new version, no more eggs but some Russian Dolls …

C&C are welcome


Wow, very high quality work! I don’t really understand the blue egg-yolk in the one doll, but the reflection looks nice, anyway.

BTW, aren’t these called matreshka dolls?

not bad lol…odd…extremly odd…but not bad…

The texture on the dolls is a bit too transparent. They dont come out enough

What are those dolls doing in egg cardboard (or whatever you call it )

And why is there a blue egg yolk?

The only possible solution is that the russians have been messing in genetics again!

It look nice. Good job.
But i think that you should remove the blue egg-yolk.

I posted the wrong image, the right one with the right yolk is on now.
Ok, this is not very conventional, but I wanted to make something shifted from real world, an association of common objects with some surrealistic touch, you know I live in Belgium and here surrealism is part of our day to day life :wink:

It looks better

This is nice, my only crit is that the images of the dolls (The painted parts) look like they are under a transparent coating. Try making the painted texture be in Add, or something other than mix, see what That does.

Hold on Tight,

The texture is already in ADD, there is no transparency, just reflection, I have removed the reflection, no more transparent effect, what do you think about that version ?


Losing the reflections improves the picture slightly, but the dolls look slightly out of place, they dont reflect any of the surrounding colour. I dont mean an actual reflection, but generally when you place a load of blue objects next to objects of light colour the blue shows slightly on the lighter objects. I dunno whether thats G.I or radiosity im talking about, i use neither, but for such a well done picture the objects dont seem to interact, if you see what i mean.

I’m sorry, I seem to have worded my opinion wrong :-?

I meant to say that you needed to make the textures of the Dolls faces not look like the color of the doll (Eg. the orange or the blue) were overlaping them… Try putting them in MIX, just the see how much better it looks. Also, it this doesn’t work, but them in a texture (UV Map) with a transparent background, and have just the color of the doll (The one that is NOT the face) be a material in Blender. This is just so the dolls faced don’t look washed out, or blend into the backgroun color of them…

If this is not clear enough, please post or PM me…

Hold on Tight,