PovAnim and "Set Smooth"

(Tobur) #1


I have a little problem with Povray, mainly because I’m just
beginning to explore this great program.

I used the PovAnim-Script form jms to export a scene from
Blender to Povray. In this scene there are some tubes with a
small amount of vertices. I smoothed the tubes in Blender with
the “Set Smooth” button (works fine) but in PovRay I only get
the unsmoothed tubes.

Is there a line I have to add in PovRay to smooth the tubes?
Could be a silly question, I know, but I hadn’t got the time yet
to screen the hole help-file of PovRay.

BTW great export-script there, jms. I hope you get the export
of textures working soon.

Thanx for any comment,


(jms) #2

The export works fine when setsmooth is done correctly.
Here a pic from blender:
The export:

there is a real problem with very lowpoly model… I mean with only 6 or 8 faces. Smooth is exported and you can see it on concav shapes but the convex shapes give bad appearance.
I really don’t know how to correct this.
Perhaps re-computing normal vector for every vertex…

(Tobur) #3

Hi jms,

thank you for the your examples. :smiley:

I just found out why my tube wasn’t textured very well: the tube was a part of an object I’ve created in Wings3D and imported to Blender. The Problem was that the top of the tube was open (with two rings of vertices) and the end of the tube was closed (one ring of vertices connected to a face)! After I deleted the inner ring on the top and connected the rest (to get an closed top) the texturing in PovRay was just o.k.