PovAnim doesn't work at all


When I try to start PovAnim version r12, I get the menu but when I press the export button, nothing happens. With version 14i I don’t even get the menu. Can somebody help?

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Curious: the sample file included in PovAnim works well. What could be wrong?

Are there any (error)messages in the DOS/Terminal window?

Hi Schlops (corious nicks out here … :wink: )

No error message, but a very dump fault of mine: I opend the text window, entered some ‘s’, didn’t notice this and minimized the window.

The script is working well now, but I’m not able to assign a pre-defined material (T_Brass_4A) to an object. How can I realize this?

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I don’t think this is possible inside the script (yet? Hint, hint jms;) ). But you can edit the exported Povray-scenes manually. Just take a look at the matblendfilename.inc: Put the line #include “metals.inc” (or any other Povray-material-lib) in there and edit the correspondending object-statements in the meshblendfilename.inc or the texture-statements in the *text_list.inc-files in the mesh-subdirectory. It seems a liltle bit tricky, because there is more then one place to edit your Povray-scene, but once you get used to Povray (and with some good text editors) this should be easy to do. It could be helpful to name your materials in the .blend-file accordingly.

I hope this helps & I hope you understand what I mean :wink:

BTW: Wait until you hear the story behind the nick :o (But you will NEVER hear it 8) )