povanim for povray3.5: the cleaner version since....

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povanim for povray3.5:
the cleaner version since… never been so clean! :smiley:


Now values for radiosity and photon are properly


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Hello!!! :smiley:

Just a question:

You mention at the web page that for linux users it is better to be used with this adapted version of MegaPov (MLpov). Why is that? I have tested on linux with povray3.5 (though the time limited beta version) and it worked fine. And now Povray.org has released the final povray3.5 (in fact downloading it right now to test povanim).

Is there any problem?

Thanks in advance…


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You are right, the page on the povanim site is too old,
and now, as povray has been definitively released, it
needs to be updated… but (“nonobstant quelques
mollesses”) I’m lazzy. 8)