PovAnim question II, the revenge

(EnV) #1

Env wrote:

I did it! It works! Now I can export scenes to render in Pov! WOW!

Ehm… it works only with primitives (a sphere); when I try to export someone of my scene (Grokky alien, for example), the script run, creates the PovAnim folder with the lamp and the camera inc and a folder named “mesh”; inside the mesh folder there is nothing at all!
This is the console window:


I tried with several blend files, but the result is always the same.

Please, tell me where do I mistake?


(jms) #2

The script doesn’t export mesh because it crashes before.
This happens when you try to export a lamp parented to an
objet which has a negative size.
It’s a real bug of povanim. I’ll correct this as soon
as possible. Something was yet done about this problem but
for the meshes only.

(jms) #3

Done, I hope: