PovAnim question IV: bugs never die

(EnV) #1

I discovered the mistake in the prev post: the mesh I tried to export was in subdivision surface; I turned it off and the script worked! (but I hoped PovAnim would support subsurface division too…)
Anyway, this is the result when I tried to export a poly mesh of a shuttle with textures:


Blender freezes.


(jms) #2

It does.
This animation was exported with povanim:
There is subsurfaces, many textures, vertex colors.
I can’t help you if I can’t see the file where the script fails

(jms) #3

I am searching…
Anyway, I have this “freeze” when I try to render
with povray at the same time. That’s hold on
blender until povray comes to the end. But in my case
blender goes on to export after a little slowdown.