Power Nodes project

This addon is dead…

:slight_smile: not yet, unfortuntely I was unable to allocate time for it recently. I will get back to it asap…

I thought that the development was stopped. Lul. Why didn’t the news appear for a long time ???

Because there are no news, when there will be any I will update the thread…

I have no hope for update :confused:

“custom python operators” means that if you got “offset edge” addon you can feed his command inside a special node to get the same result but along the node logic?

“Custom operators” means that you can implement your own python operator and you can choose a target to run it on. E.g: CPU/CUDA/ROCm The custom operator will behave exactly like the other operators in power nodes. All ops in power nodes are custom python or wrappers around blender’s internal ops or modifiers.
But to answer your question. you can execute custom python scripts from power nodes, but injecting a custom execution CTX might be a problem. Especially if the script was not designed to work as single operator

More functionality - resample and smooth nodes


This is an incredibly exciting add-on! I’m a huge sucker for any and everything based on nodes, so I’ll be keeping an eye on further developments. :smiley:

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Added snapping to destructive extrude tool: