power outlets and light switches

I have finished 2 outlets and 2 light switches:


There is some slight sub-surf pinching, but it just adds some character to the model. When an outlet or switch is heavily used, it’s edges are rarely sharp and perfect.

Let me know what you think. Nothing is textured…yet.

Really weel done, lots of details!


Excellent models! The pinching does actually work very well, as you said.

At least you will get the plastic look you want with Blenders renderer. :wink:


very good modelling job. And u even didn’t forget the beveling :wink:

cya henrik

The light switches look a little too fat but other than that it was great

most double switch plates have a center screw. very very nice work though!

Thanks for all of the great comments! Phase 1 of the project is rapidly comming together (gotta make the deadline!), and the final elements are being modeled. I will be posting some fully textured shots with good lighting by the end of next week.

Beveling is almost the most important element of a model, in my opinion. Thanks for noticing!

>most double switch plates have a center screw.
Thats interesting, I have never seen one with a center screw. If you look in the reference picture, you will see that ours do not.

Edit: I just now realised that you probably mean double outlet plates. Yes, I agree with you here, but I took a shortcut.