Practice, kichen by reference

blender 3.1

any criticism, advice, I will be glad



Love it, really well done. The lighting looks extremely realistic to me. What do you use? Some other lamps in addition to the HDRI?

thanks for the feedback…
To be honest, I didn’t use hdri.
There is 1 light source here. nishita sun. with these settings
Снимок экрана 2022-08-15 130650


Wow, really? You can really accomplish a lot by using little sometimes.

thanks for the feedback

Amazing work!!! Did you do all of the modeling? There is so much attention to detail… the time on the microwave, the racks in the oven, the apple texture of the apples on the counter… it looks like you can step into that image and start using that space. :+1: :+1:

If you did build it all… Appliances, utensils, food…, how long did that take you? I am just getting started in Blender… I started a diner, in the beginning it was easy, the build was not that difficult. Then the further along I have gotten into the project… thinking I am almost done… I see how empty it is. Now I need to build all the diner items… plates, mugs, silverware, pots, pans, food… you see where I am going. I get overwhelmed.

It’s a small kitchen… is this modeled after something you know or have seen? Were you going for size realism as well? Just curious. I am a little more than average size and thinking wow, that is very pretty but too small for me. :rofl:


Greetings. Thank you for your attention to my humble work.
In interior renderings, small details are very important, they create realism.
All techniques are taken from ready-made assets. There is no point in modeling it from scratch. I do not recommend wasting time on it. Look for ready-made models and use them.
Other than that, the kitchen, the furniture, the fasades are all modeled by me.
Yes, I did from a ready-made photo. This kitchen is in real life. Furniture by size (this is a must), that way you get closer to realism. The light here is simple.
Ask questions, I welcome any feedback.


Loving it. Only crit is that I can’t afford this design in real life but that’s not on you :wink:

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wow :ok_hand: :heart_eyes: This the most realstic kitchen i ever seen.
can you make any tutorial or video ! i would love to learn from you.


thanks for the feedback, maybe someday in the future

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This looks great! So realistic and peaceful! Looks like something straight out of a model home, the lighting makes it look very warm and comfortable and the prop placement is mwah! Great job!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Hi Orkin,

Sorry for the long delay in response… life has been a bit crazy here.

You are not the first person to mention this. My question is… How can a person claim that is their work when some was created by others?

I am looking to create content to sell. So if I create a house for example… add furniture, appliances etc… unless I create everything, I would be selling someone else’s work right? I cannot imagine that 3D art is any different than anything else when it come to copyright or intellectual property so I would need permission and possibly the need to pay royalty per sale… which could be a nightmare depending on how many other pieces I used from the same number of artists. That could run into a lot of paperwork LOL.

I need to learn your texturing technique, I have a cafe that I am making and in comparison it looks juvenile. Are you using images? or are you creating all the textures through procedure? or both?


So, there’s nothing wrong in making a interior with pre-made assets and then posting the final render. That’s why 3D artists to create pre-made assets for free or for sale. The person isn’t claiming that they created all the furniture and textures but instead showing off their work on the final compositing, lighting, etc.

In your example, it depends on what ‘content’ means. ie are you selling just the final rendered image/video vs actual models. Most 3D asset licenses allow you to sell the renders without royalties but not the models themselves.

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This looks pretty amazing. Everything seems to fit nicely together - like a real place with someone living in it.

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Congratulations, this work has been nominated for the ‘Best of Blender Artists 2022’ award in the #interiorarchitecture category! You can vote for it here.

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What a lovely visualisation. Attention to detail is thoroughly
developed. Credits to light. Would you mind to share your voile curtain recipe? What I am interested is how you were able to get this texture on and translucency. Honestly, curtain looks amazing.

Many thanks.

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Typically, existing assets will be released with a specific license. The terms of this license will state how the asset can be used, modified, resold etc. so it isn’t always a massive headache for crediting or royalties.

I think if one were to build a scene like this entirely from scratch it would be prohibitively time consuming/expensive.

I understand the feeling of wanting to create absolutely everything from scratch but in some cases (interiors being one example) this way of working makes sense. I’d argue that if there is an item you nee and you can easily create yourself then there’s little learning or benefit to be had in going to the effort if you can already find that asset somewhere else.

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Wooow. This is very nice. Specially the lighting :ok_hand::sparkling_heart:

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Used an alpha channel, with a specific pattern
You can see for yourself) it’s nothing special.

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