Practicing from BC tutorial - AXE

I have been lurking in the forums for long time drooling at what people are doing, yet i havent done anything myself for long. Now decided to give it a try on some tutorials. The one i have picked as first is:
The first picture is directly following the tutorial, the second picture is my own model using the same workflow and techniques.

Second stop will be texturing (one thing that i feel i will fail :() but will try:
Of course i will follow same pattern (first follow the tutorial, then texture my own model)

I wouldnt mind if anyone shows a way (or link) about making low poly game models from this.:o


They look good and well detailed. The “decimate” modifier is designed to make objects more low-poly (though they don’t always look as good) so it might be worth trying that.

A common way to make low poly models look detailed is to use normal (or bump) maps. The good thing is if you have a high poly model you can use it to generate the normal to make it look like the high poly model.

One to get you started is at Blendercookie

Searching for bake normal map should find more.

Thanks for replies,
Richter: I have tried the decimate modifier but i didnt feel it gave me much control.
LoopyShane: i am going to check that tutorial soon, i have noticed it before but havent thought it would be used on “inorganics” as well…:)…

Here is a first attempt at texturing:
Just a diffuse map, some combined image textures with baked ao map on them.

The model looks nice and most of the texturing as well. Personaly I woold go with a little more detailed wood and maybe darker for the handle looks to plain to me. Otherwise over all its good.