Practicing Sculpting: Adam Francis from DBD

Hello hello! I wanted to get back to sculpting and managed to do this bust. It was just gonna be a random face, but then I decided to have some fun and do my fave character from DBD.
I’m still having some difficulties getting used to the brushes, its been very challenging trying to get the creases for the eye lids and nose wings. (Which is why the eye lids are practically inexistent… :frowning:
But Im proud of the overall quality of it. Just need to do some tweaks here and there to try out retopologizing!

Any tips for doing a better job will be greatly appreciated!!


I think you did a decent job overall. Eyelid creases can be a chore yes. I share your pain on that topic. The brushes I like to use when sculpting that particular anatomy consist of: Claystrips, Crease, Flatten, Grab, and of course Smooth. References and a high resolution also provide good help.

Another little tip is to make the eyelids a bit thicker than you normally would.

Happy Sculpting!