Prairie House

One of my first attempts at modeling a house.
I think it was a bit to complex for my skills at the moment. There some problems with it, especially with the topology which made it difficult to UV unwrap and apply material to it…

I also don’t understand why I have a different color in grass. It is the same plane and uses only a single particle system. The strange thing is that the change is color is exactly on edge where the plane starts to raise. Not sure why this would cause this…

It’s not bad, mainly for a first attempt!
Though it simply looks 3D and not realistic.

For the color of the grass, there’s different colors because of the angle, well I might be wrong, it’s just what I think!

You’re saying it looks 3D, how should I make it more realistic? I tried but it’s the most difficult part about the process.
I also notice it looks 3D but I can’t put my finger on it on how to improve it to make it more realistic. Maybe experience will tell :slight_smile: and in a couple of months or years I will look back at this and point at all the problems :slight_smile:

To make it more realistic :

  • Textures are too repetitive.
  • Grass is also too repetitive, you can set different color/size, it’s too perfect to be real.

Did you use bump map? Specular, etc?
But as I said, it’s good for a first attempt! Check what others do, it might give you inspiration, etc ^^

I don’t always use specular, though it might be interesting for some cases

For the brick walls I used a bump map, don’t have specular
For the wood I used bump + spec
For the concrete in front of the garage i used specular
For the top floor outer walls I used bump + spec
For the roof bump + spec

It could be just me not applying them correctly. I notice it’s quite difficult to get the setting right in cycles.

As for the grass, I completely agree however I don’t know (yet) how to add color variety in a particle system.

Simply apply a texture on the faces. The particles will use this texture as a color.