Pranavjit Virdi - Sketchbook

so i have planned to do a weekly thing for the next six months. Each week imma come up with something and post it here.
so this past weeks project, i have three results. comment on which one looks best to you.\ by pranavjitvirdi, on Flickr
another by pranavjitvirdi, on Flickr
black and white black by pranavjitvirdi, on Flickr


I like the B&W one for tones and the first one for color.

Good work!

i liked the second one more before uploading it to BA but after i started to like the first one. Probably something to do with BA’s theme being orange i think.

also i forgot to mention that this will be more of a weekly “challenge” than just a weekly “thing”. so no matter what i’ll come up with something each week.

@rontarrant thank you!! :smiley:

I prefer the first one because of all the warm colors

I like the first one too. The B$W one is cool too. I’m not digging the bluish one though. probably because the blue doesn’t go very ell with the desert environment.

thank you!! :slight_smile:
yeah i agree the second one is not as good as the first and third… i was just experimenting and stuff and i think i totally mismatched color theories and themes for that one.

guys i have to put one of the above in my portfolio… i’m a bit confused but hell i’ll put both.

also my this weeks challenge would be…

this will take either one week or two.
and yeas at the most i will try and copy the exact scene since its quite challenging itself… no need to add extra to make it more challenging.

Looks great! I would definitely put both the first and the B&W in your portfolio.

sorry guys im calling quits on that nature scene image above. the result was nowwhere near satisfactory. im working on the next one right now.
the next one doesn’t have anything tough.

early look at the next scene… actually its quite too early since i only spent like 5 mins in the blend file in total. i’ve finished the concept or whatever. any more progress would give the scene away so this is the most less teasing teaser i can give you right now. sorry

now that i’ve completed the concept i think this scene can definitely use some cycles baking. welp… time to learn that now.
see you guys on saturday.

i should call this one
“The Choice”

(right click --> open image in new tab)

i think it kind of falls in the sad category, i was thinking about uploading it to the finished projects section but maybe not.
the center image is not cg… just so you know :). else everything is mine.

see yalater.

WHAT ONE HOUAR MEANS by pranavjitvirdi, on Flickr


Wow, that video on Flickr is awesome!

Whoa! The noose in the room is pretty powerful in a disturbing way. To me it says that suicide is the way out of darkness, and the only way to be happy. I can’t say I agree with the message, but I don’t suspect the intention is to get the viewer to agree, but to think about how someone struggling with that “choice” is going through. Dang. I’m used to seeing art that just looks cool without much really to say. Great work on that one. It really hit me in the feels. (Which is what art is supposed to do to us) I hope the wrong person doesn’t see that image, and if it is a personal image, I hope you see that suicide is not the answer. Great work on that one!

i think i can do this one… i want to do this one actually…
so anyway… here’s a teaser

here’s an update to the stick man
with some face features

i did not progress on the stick man… sorry idk what happened
but i am rather interested in doing other projects.
like by pranavjitvirdi, on Flickr

umm… the sketch is complete… also i may start the modeling
it’ll make sense then. meanwhile if you want to understand what it really is, ask me here.

heyyutsuup? by pranavjitvirdi, on Flickr by pranavjitvirdi, on Flickr

been a long time but was wondering if i should take these concepts and make a 3d render or not by pranavjitvirdi, on Flickr by pranavjitvirdi, on Flickr