Pre Dreadnought


This is the model of my current project, a ship inspired by the pre-dreadnought used in the 1880s.
All textures are procedural.
Next steps, the crew, a battle scene.

Enjoy !!


nice work !!

Thank you !! ^^

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looking nice
which model is this or made up ?

how many verts ?
which renderer is it ?

happy cl

The model has 2 million polygons.
Rendered with Cycle.

It’s not a real warship.
For lack of plans and references on the ships of that time, I finally made a mix between several battleships.
Here are some examples :

Charles Martel Battleship

or USS Oregon

difficult to find old reference dwgs !

nice work anyway

happy cl

Nicely done. I really like boats from that period. Your color renders are really dark. Could you do some with more light? I feel like we’re missing a lot of the details you put into it.

This model must have been hard work.

Thank you.

I found some reference photos of the Japanese battleship Mikasa, the Russian cruiser Aurora and the USS Olympia. They are still docked as a museum.

I think that on my model, there are not enough pipes, ropes and things on the deck. It’s too clean. What do you think about that?

I think the deck should be clear if the ship is on active duty. A cluttered deck like the one in your picture would be appropriate for a ship in dock during maintenance.