Does Blender 2.25 or 2.33 render the objects when u start the game engine?
If not is theyre a way to pre render?

no, … well your question is really weird

if you mean convert an object into an image, or procedural textures into an image. no

and there isn’t a way that you shouldn’t already know of [rendering with a camera, f12 key, out of game engine]

Maybe he mean pre-lighting. I remember playing around with the Director exporter for Maya which let you do just that. :slight_smile: And no, I believe Blender does not have that feature… yet :wink:

No i mean like,

ok when u render things they look better than when you are making them in blender

Now when you make a game and start the game engine does it render all the objects soo they look good or does it just play without pre rendering

i think this is what you want: http://theboomshelter.com/pbg.html

:Z sorry man blender just plays without pre rendering, as a matter of fact it plays with the bad looking one when your working… dude do you know how 3d video games work?

most of the time the renders you would do for cinematic would take to long to show in realtime without making it unplayable now the greatest 3d engines out there are breaking this role, like DOOM3, Half Life 2, and the unreal engine 3, but blenders game engine deals with pretty much basic equipment even almost under standard game rendering. :frowning: well I hope I was able to help.