Precious Gems Animation

An animation I have been working on for a child care facility which incorporates the new Blender rigid body integration. I modeled, textured, and animated everything except the gems which the modeling/texturing was done by Broadstu and posted at Blendswap. The treasure chest wood and rust texture was from CGtextures.

This involved a lot of 2d and 3d integration and composting. Thanks to Sergof for all his work on Blender Rigid body integration and thanks for taking a look, comments / suggestions always welcomed.

Excellent work! I really like the styling and formation of the baby from diamonds.

i’m not sure locking a child in a chestful of hard gems would be considered appropriate care :smiley:
joking! really good work :slight_smile:

Did you use constraints to make the baby out of gems or were those hand placed?

Great work!

Nope, I’m still perplexed about constraints, so none were used. It was done in steps and also with some video trickery:

1)Basically what I did was first drop a bunch of the RB gems into the chest and then did a visual transform to keep the gems in place in the trunk.

  1. Next I took a RB proxy character (whos ray visabiility was turned off) brought him up from the bottom of the RB jewels in the chest to rise up, so the jewels appeared to be moving by his force breaking thru the gems… This sequence was then rendered.

  2. Then I built the gem kid by individually placing new RB gems to form the shape when he is fully formed. I used a proxy form to help me place the gems. I then used a animated force to pull the gemboy in the air… and then drop him on to the rest of the jewels.

The sequence was edited first playing in reverse -jewel clump to gemboy, than played forward gemboy to jewel clump.

  1. The two sequences had to be composted in aftereffects with a bunch of masking to make the 2 d boy appear.

  2. the other sequence started by placing RB gems on the letters… allowing them to fall and then using a force to draw them to form a clump of gems. In the video this was just played in reverse.

It was a time consuming project, but I was happy how it came out, and it would not have been possible for me to do it, without the new bullet integration.

mmmm … aftereffects … interesting… the Blender’s Composer can’t do this? …Is afterefects bettter ?

Hey Oscar, I’m sure everything I did in AE can be done in Blender now that masking is available. I, personally, just can do it a whole lot quicker in AE. Thanks for checking it out.