Precious Life - Animated Short Film

Hy everybody, this is my new short film, which you can see here, good viewing to you and I hope you like it :slight_smile:

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My prediction: featured.


Wow. Very beautiful and in sync with the music. More of this please. :clap::clap::clap:

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Aaaa f***ing awesome Like everything specially “levels” and as they continue to “zoom out” and explain themselves and the end is the final explanation and the highest point of view which can be interpreted as life and…
Damn it’s good…:grin:

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Thank you very much everyone. :slight_smile:

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Fantastic work… what else to say :slight_smile:

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Yes, a well put together short. Very pleasing characters; nice pace; beautiful colors; a very well executed piece.
How many scenes are you piecing together?

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Hy, thank you guys. ^^
There are concretely two scenes : The mitosis scene and the rest. But I optimized everything with a lot of instances, and from one point of the animation (around 1:10) the whole world (which was parent to an empty except the camera) started to shrink so as the camera continued out of its way. And as soon as zoom out on Saturn, the camera stops and it’s the planet and the asteroids shrinking.

I’d love to see a behind the scenes video for this and your process. As much technical info as you’re willing to share!

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Thank you for the response. Lovely stuff.

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That was sooooo nice! This poked my brain in a very cool way.

How long have you been working on that?

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you very much bartv, and thank you everyone ! :slight_smile:

Miphase, I don’t know if I will have the motivate for show the process. ^^ But I can show you this old wip playblast :

The wireframe modifier for the Saturn rings was just added to help for the dezoom animation.

Patnard, about three months … in my spare time.


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

that’s incredible! I’m curious as to how you got that ‘underwater look’, its stunning.

In my opinion artificially added colour fringing / lens distortion is overused in many recent renders, without adding anything of value but making the edges of the renders hard to look at. This awesome short film is the first production I’ve seen where the effect DOES add value to the renders. I love every second of it, I love the models, the animation, the materials, the post production effects. This is superb work, congratulations! I want to see more…


Just one little thingy: that cephalopod at 57 seconds swims the wrong way I think. I know it’s alien life, but it looks very strange to me to see a creature which looks so much like a cephalopod swim with it’s tentacles in front.

Still very nice of course. Keep up the good work

Beautiful! Great work thanks for sharing!

Nicey nice!

thank you very much everone et thank for the feature.

Baardaap, I think… you’re totally right… my bad. ^^"