Precision Pointer issues in 4K

Hello! After a fresh install of windows 10, I found that my edit mode precision mouse pointer (not the 3d cursor) is a crosshair made of disconnected black pixels. It is impossible to see in 4k due its lack of contrast, size and hollowness, no matter what background color I choose.

The pointer itself is a spread ╬ made of 1 pixel-wide black lines, with loose pixels at the end of each corner. I still haven’t installed anything that allows me to capture an image of the cursor.

In my other pc, the crosshair is solid white, made of chunkier, connected pixels, and thus much more visible. I would like to change that cursor in blender for something usable, but I haven’t found a way.

So far I wasted my morning in both 2.79 and 2.78/2.77 trying to fix it by:
-Large Cursor option.
-DPI upscaling and double pixel mode in older versions.
-UI scaling and line thickness in the newer ones.
-Windows DPI compatibility override (It becomes larger, but still very hard to see, and everything else is an eyesore)
-Windows Mouse Pointer/Cursor Options/Themes.
-Trying to find an option or add on that allows cursor customization.

Nothing gets rid of that awful crosshair. I’m at my wits’ end, both PCs have the same version, the same config, but have vastly different cursors.

Thank you for your time!