Predator UAV

(Mr.KEWL) #1

Well!!! I m pretty much done with it.Its the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Predator.Its has been modelled in Blender 2.42a and rendered with Yafray(Well i had problems with Blender 2.44 and it crashes quite frequently while zooming or panning in edit mode…so I hd to revert to 2.42a)…This is the first time tht i have tried yafray,UV mapping,modelling with NURBS… It has been a long learning process…I would try to update this thread with more renders…
The textures and postpro have been done in Photoshop…

a minor update-:


(JeffH) #2

Wow! thats amazing. I like the blender Logo on the wing.
5/5 stars from me


(kbot) #3

Good One! Just don’t let the bad guys get the spec!


(Mr.KEWL) #4

Thnxx JeffH…Thnxx kbot…
Well I am still learning lighting…I had to tweak a lot to get it correct…though not perfect…


(spacestrudel) #5

Not bad at all! You should work on the light as you said and texture’s would need a little work too, some details and so on.
Nice work, anyway


(Dan) #6

Nice model, though maybe the blender logo isn’t really a good idea, you know, for political reasons. Some people may find the community logo being placed on military hardware a bit offensive. Excuse the pun :wink:


(BlackBoe) #7

On the other hand, lots of people find lots of different stuff offensive, and you can’t please everyone, so don’t feel obliged to take it off, either. Looks very nice. If you’re using yafray, though, you might want to invest in a bit of GI. Even if you don’t use the GI itself, you can still put a few up-ward facing lamps under the airplane, to fake ambient light from the horizon-sky and the glare from the tarmac. Even if they’re only barely bright enough to be seen, they’ll probably make a difference.

All-in-all though, quite nice looking. If blender keeps crashing on you, btw, report it to the devs. See if you can narrow down under which circumstances it happens, then post these instructions and your system information, etc, in a report on the bug tracker.


(Mr.KEWL) #8

I hv added a new render…
Thnxx Blackboe…Mayb I’ll use GI from nxt projects …currently I hv worked enough on this one to go ahead with it…