Predator X

Decided to try my hand at another prehistoric creature but with a bit more time to work than the last one.

Pliosaurus funkei
, the biggest of the pliosaurs nowadays. With a head that was almost 3 to 5 feet longer than a t-rex in the largest estimates and about 40+ feet long and weighed a lot.
If anyone watched the BBC’s walking with dinosaurs, Pred X is about 3 times the size of Liopleurodon.

Latest version

And yes the bottom jaw is smaller, much like a croc’s would be. Not enough to be outstanding but enough for an overbite / overlap.

Corrected the teeth & gums issue.

Don’t see too many dinos made with Blender. Coool. Maybe make it a cyborg with rocket launchers on it heheheheh :smiley:

Since it’s intended to be part of a show reel, I don’t think I’ll be wasting my time with such stuff. If you want to, there’s plenty of models to reference. And Pred x wasn’t a dinosaur, it was a prehistoric marine reptile… different as dinosaurs went extinct and a vast majority of the smaller marine reptiles did not.

Maybe you should catch up on your prehistorical σαῦρο history. I highly recommend reading Ludwig Freeman’s book which explains dinosaurs in aoviraptorosaurianical manner. It also explains the Triassic–Jurassic extinction which is highly misunderstood by people like you who can’t get a grip. Mainly because of trauma from the rnchosaurs extinction. As Ludwig said, “句话说笏提高车顶亲密螺母工作.” Truly inspirational words.

Ah the self important. Cute.

As it is, I am quite up to date on paleontology seeing as I have friends (and relatives) both at dinosaur digs and lecturing at universities in this field.

Interesting since I’ve never heard of this Ludwig Freeman. Maybe one of those quacks laughed out of mainstream paleontology that published for the ill-educated??? It’s more than likely you’ve given me the wrong information but as such I’d like you to link this supposedly fantastic book.

And do you even know what this says 句话说笏提高车顶亲密螺母工作 - as someone who speaks the language it’s not even translatable unless you’re missing half the quote.

Particle full body, will remove extra lines and smooth it out later

Distance shot of the wireframe to give an idea of how big the model is.

Basic outline. Still got some work to do before adding eye, nose, and redoing the teeth as they came out odd

Head wireframe with the jaws open… it’s nice having some art experience & having played with this system beforehand [on and off, nothing ever serious to get a hand of blender]

Have to remove the teeth but the body has been more or less finalized in the roughest of outlines.

Hey a fellow Canadian :smiley: You seem very knowledgeable on this topic, so I’m sure this will be a very accurate model. Looking forward to some textured renders!

Haven’t heard of him!?!?! And you call him the quack. The hypocrisy is unbearable! Speak the language? Ha! You can barely comprehend what I’m saying!

Your model looks like a damn mutant turtle. If you had any experience in this field you would know this reptileian wabrockeriszatoris had bionic arms with 50 caliber machine guns sticking out of its ass!!!

Uh… Not in touch with reality are ya’s.

Looks about right though - for those interested this is quickest image of a liopleurodon [smaller, same subspecies] I could find.

I am still waiting for you to post this fantastic book by quack Ludwig Freeman. I know that a Ludwig Freeman died recently… he practiced / taught music… which is hardly related to prehistoric creatures.

Thanks. Growing up in Alberta [and the Bad Lands] gave rise to the love of all things dino.

Added nostrils and eye sockets. Some adjustment to the flipper placement off of what I read and reviewing other more studied subspecies of the genre.


The nice thing about p. funkei is the fact that rough estimates make the head about 8 to 10 feet long, the body itself is about 40-43+ feet from what I’ve read. So that’s four head lengths if one would making it easy to estimate on Blender body length in relation to head length. I copied the head / skull and used an array mod at 0.9 for it to literally be back of skull to nose as a comparison.

After some debate added a small tail fin. Some people say they had it, some don’t. Personally without a longer tail I can’t see the animals being capable of turning a massive head and/or body quickly without a counterbalance.

New jaw look and teeth, additional ones in the front of the jaw.

Needed a day to reference some other subspecies, books, etc. and then sketch out a very rough etching to use as material for the features and finessing. The head has taken me about 2 hours if that and am moving into the neck.

And unfortunately I forgot to take part f the inside jaw but the upper jaw [inside mouth] may be stylized to have the ridge bones / projections that is present in almost all jaws including humans.