Prefab concept?

So, Unity has the concept of prefabs, which are a bunch of objects with predefined configurations, including translation/rotation/etc.

The docs explain much better than I do. And i was curious if Blender has something like this? I’m using Blender as a level design tool and I’m using lot’s of modular meshes. Unfortunately, sometimes it is a pain to copy the parameters of objects around, specially when i have modules that are composed of multiple objects in predefined ways.

There’s some way to do close to what you’re talking about. It involves creating custom properties and then assigning drivers to certain parts of the mesh or the modifiers being applied.

I think this is a good example:

Also keep in mind that you’ll need to have the modifiers applied, etc. so it carries over for export. (May be part of export options, so you don’t accidentally save it to the main .blend.)

Two completely different pieces of software, one for one purpose, the other for other purpose. But no, in a 3d modelling program you are not going to see things like prefabs (or blueprints in unreal engine). It makes no sense. But you have some addons, like the asset management where you can have a library of meshes you can add in a procedural way, just dragging to the viewport. Thats the closest thing you are going to find.