Prefered tutorial format...

What do you all find most useful when viewing a tutorial?

an image (or more) for each step, and a table
some kind of animation, with explinations along the way
something else?

I guess the question I wish to ask is which format works best for you, and what mistakes should I avoid.

… and what do you think of what I did at Please don’t complain too much about the incoherent instructions.

javascript required for the above link, and there at the moment is no good way of archiving it. There may be in due time.

I like tutorials that have images - not necessarily one image for every step. Sometimes having arrows or circling parts of the image makes it clearer about what to do.
I don’t really like the idea of animations because you can’t skim read through it and probably can’t go forwards and backwards through it easily (like text) - and it would probably be lower res and take longer to download.
I also like it if you can download the finished blend file and perhaps some steps in between.