Prefix Render Add-on (Auto Output Add-on)

Hi! I will try to add this feature. There is no clear solution at the moment

Version 0.0.3. Added support for compositor output nodes (4.9 KB)

Hello Apofis

Thank you so much for the addon it’s very useful and allow to save so much time ! I’m using it with the file output in the compositor to export different layers. It would be amazing if I could put the variable @file@ for exemple in the file subpath of the file output node. Like that I can have the name of the file for my different layer. Is it something you would be interested to add to your addon ? Thank you.

IMHO this functionality should be built into Blender because it’s so important and can save you from so many headaches, especially if you’re rendering and up-versioning complex projects.
I submitted a very similar request to Right-Click-Select a long time ago and still hope it gets more attention eventually:

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