Prefix Render Add-on (Auto Output Add-on)

Good evening! For a long time I was looking for the ability to add automatically to the render name - file name, date, camera name,etc. As a result, I wrote a simple add-on that does it. It takes all the settings directly from the interface settings, but if it sees variables in the path, it replaces them with names. You can add any variables in code. Here is a list of those that are by default:

Blender filename - @file@
Current date - @date@
Current camera - @camera@
PC User - @user@
Version of system - @system@
Scene name - @scene@
Blender version - @bver@
Cycles render samples - @samp@

Now the addon supports only Windows, but later will test on Linux. I hope the addon will be helpful! (2.9 KB)

For rendering with varibler use Prefix Render button


Small update:

  1. Test on Linux
  2. Remove freeze (3.2 KB)

In plans: support network rendering, update for Blender 2.8

Thank you so much for developing this!
I think this is musthave tool
Sutch function allready is in all pro software. Do you see Darktable?
Thank you agane!

don’t render(

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/bm/.config/blender/2.79/scripts/addons/", line 72, in execute
  File "/home/bm/.config/blender/2.79/scripts/addons/", line 35, in PrefixOperator
    cam =
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name'

location: <unknown location>:-1

If you need add camera name to render file name, try add variable @camera@ like example in screenshot

Hello. It seems that there is no camera in the scene.

You need camera to scene) I fix this - add code message “Add camera to scene”

Fix bug if no camera in scene - add messagebox ‘No camera in scene’ (4.2 KB)

Oh, sorry , my bad)))

Thank you. version 02 works good!

Great Add-on. This feature should be in Blender by default. Can’t wait for it to be ported to 2.8.

Was this ever updated for 2.8? OscurartTools is a bundled add-on that does some of these things: $File_$Scene_$Layer_$Camera however, I am having issues with multiple cameras bound to the timeline. OscurartTools names my image sequence after the first camera bound in timeline (within output frame range) and ignores the names of the subsequent cameras.

There is no prefix render output tab in my output. I am using 2.82a.

Oscuart doesn’t do the date, and that’s one I really need when doing versions for clients. Any chance for this to get updated to 2.8?

Yes. I update this script, but not share.
The functionality was expanded to batch rendering and rendering over the network. I need to make a short instruction and put it in the General access (1.2 KB) (68.4 KB) for network render. For run command line render in other PC in network

Task Render Manager (old Rrefix Render add-on) use text list for create batch command line render

Hi! I update add-on and rename him AutoOutput. Now path refresh automatic by variables

More detailed in video Auto Output Add-on (4.1 KB)