Pregnanc'EZ - Baby Incubator

Made this “Pregnanc’EZ” baby incubator for the 12th Digital Painting School Challenge.

It’s a simple props for my first upcoming keyframe in the Digital Painting School 12th challenge.
Theme is Cyberpunk 2077, with CD Projekt Red as official partner.

Music used in this trailer: Awaken from White Bat Audio

This props is a small part from a larger keyframe that will show a cyberpunk everyday life scene, women from the corpo having a saturday afternoon meeting with their childs, and obviously one of them pregnant. But who cares to carry a baby in 2077. Body mods in all bodies doesn’t allows to have a proper pregnancy so here is the solution. An external belly with all options. :wink:

Design has been fleshed in 2D sketches, then modeled quickly and rendered into blender eevee for further use in 3D blockout in the final scene. And then final overpaint for the keyframe, but I still have a looot of researches to do for the other props, character and environment design.

Here is the turn:

The first research and the callout:

Sketchfab 3D viewer:

And some captions: