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(basse) #1

here is something different, old americal educational documentaries and advertisements… incredible achives, mpeg, divx and vcd files available.
as an example, there is “are you popular” and “duck and cover”…

and, while you are there ( ), check out the amazing “wayback machine” too… it’s a collection of archived web pages… kind of like cache. so you can access old site’s. put “” there and see yourself :slight_smile:


(seval) #2

Mecha_Bird was a 404 when I checked, even though I think I have seen it. Was that the one with lawn rakes for feet ? If so…I really liked that one. Reminded me of some of the original Survival Research Incorporated works.

(basse) #3

heh… yes it was the rake feet. 404 because elyisun has changed the forum systems :slight_smile: well, I’m working on a different project anyway now, so I changed the sig … now it works.

let’s dance.