Premul and sky

I’ve tried looking up the blender wiki but can’t find it.

If i want to export rgba png’s does hitting the premul button get rid of the blue fuzzyness surrounding my renders?

What are you using the PNG for? Because as far as i know Premul is only an internal function, like when you have to use the Alpha Over function, yes it will help… but i don’t think you can give a finished image premultiplied alpha… if thats what you are trying to do?


well i saw a tutorial where a depth of field was being put into effect. The guy rendered normally and there was fuzzy around sphere. So he said he’ll render premul but didn’t explain why! and it got rid of the fuzzyness. So i’m thinking why render in sky at all.

Plus to answer your q I do want to use it internally for somethin like the pic enclosed which has a sky render - which aint so bad.

The reason was there was a fuzzy haze around a dart i modelled that i put into live action. Its only 4 frames and not noticeable when played back but in the still you can kinda see it