Preparing blender files for exporting to unity...

Im having trouble with using my blender animation in the Unity game engine.

Im pretty sure the coding is solid (but im asking another forum about that just in case), so i think im making some fundamental error with blender.

Im exporting a model with an animation in it to Unity as a .FBX, but im not having any joy getting it to animate, here is the .blend:

blockgoat1.blend (556 KB)

Is there somthing i should be doing to the file before exporting? YOur help will end alot of frustration!

Thank you, Tom.

on the blender side, before you export make sure that in the dope sheet (in the action editor mode) that you have the action you want selected. then when you go to export the FBX that you select the all actions button, when you hit this button all actions you make will go with the rig but only the one you have selected will play in unity. Also you may want to set the scale from 1 to something bigger like 10, and getting rid of the actions that cilender. whatever.whatever but thats really just housekeeping. when you drag and drop the FBX file into unity the animation should play once when you hit play button. from there it’s all unity, which i don’t know much about unfortunately.

hope this was helpful

Very helpful, thankyou :slight_smile: