Preserve original JPEG image size upon importing

Is there a trick to preserving the original image size of a JPEG while importing into Blender? As an example, I’ve attached a photograph. All of the vertical images are approximately 1005-1007 px in height. However, as can be seen in the screen shot, the vary widely in height. Is this normal for Blender or is it a bug? Or does the user always have to readjust the images manually in Blender? This would seem rather cumbersome.


You have set the image size to 10 so it is 10 units on the X axis

Thanks for the response Richard. I did notice that 10x units is the default setting when an image is imported and this can be adjusted afterwards. This manual adjustment is what I’m trying to avoid. The images have already been matched to scale in photoshop prior to import into Blender. Is there anyway to preserve this original x-axis scale when importing?

If You can use Your image from a plane instead of Add Image in N - Panel

You can use the Add - Mesh -Images as planes…It use image size.