Preserve UVs equivalent?

Just watched a modelling tutorial which was done in 3d max where a basic model was edited after it had been textured. The modeller was able to tick a ‘preserve UV’ check-box and then add further detail to model by adding and sliding edges without disturbing the underlying texture. Is this possible in Blender?

To a limited extent. When you merge two verts, there will be a checkbox labeled “UVs”. Keep that unchecked that if you don’t want to change the vert. Another thing to keep in mind is the loop slide command, it gives the option to correct the UVs. again, keep this unchecked.

Excellent! That was what I was looking for (the check-box “correct UVs” has to be checked).
Thanks for your reply.

Is there any solution to preserve UV’s when you move a vertice ?

I’m curious too if it is possible to move vertices.
Also what can I do to force the tool options to pop up since sometimes they do not show up in the bottom left

Preserve unwrap would be nice to have. But this is not available in Blender as far as i know. Minus the above examples.