in my theme the Name field to the right is almost the same color
as the left side - it is hard to see the field

but it is there, click on the right

and everything is good to go.


Ah sorry. So I usually access my snapping with the hotkey popup, which apparently doesn’t let me create the presets. I was able to create one however using the overhead menu.

How do you call the snapping menu from a shortcut, or did you set that up yourself?

It’s Ctrl + shift + tab in default hotkey, though I use a different setup.

Hi can you make a function that remember the last preset used upon restart it automatically remember it or load ?

i know there is away to make it like save as startup file
but i want to avoid it as possible because blender 2.8 is not stable yet and causes some issue / bugs last time i needed to delete my startup file in order to solve the problem and create a new one

It looks like you can’t have a popup window come off of snapping popup. Since adding a preset makes the Preset Name popup appear, the adding never happens I may have to report this as a bug to fix the issue. It looks like all of the other functionality is there. You’ll just need to use the header menu to create presets.

@shadowphile You can set a keyboard shortcut to call the menu for the Orientation and Pivot presets. Which may speed things up a good bit for you. Also, if you have Pie Menu Editor, you can make pie menus of your presets or sub panels in the N or T panels in the 3d View.

Here’s how you would set up the keyboard shortcut:

That will make a popup of just your list of presets that you have saved:

You would use a different menu name in the Name slot depending on which list of presets you want to show:
Orientation and Pivot Presets - ORPIV_MT_draw_presets
Snapping Presets - SNAP_MT_draw_presets
Overlays and Shading Combo Presets - VIEW3D_MT_view_presets
Overlay Presets - OVERLAY_MT_draw_presets
Gizmo Presets - GIZMO_MT_draw_presets
Oblect Type Visibility Presets - VIS_MT_draw_presets
Shading Presets - SHADE_MT_draw_presets
Cursor Location and Rotation Presets - CURSOR_MT_draw_presets

@MatsuikoHiroka I’ll look into it. That’s a good idea.

Really nice addon ! Why does the « all in one » top right preset don’t have overlay’s in it :frowning:

Good question. I’ll add it, but I’d want to make it an option to turn on or off what is set and recalled here. It could be less useful if it’s recalling too many settings. I’ll see what I can cook up. Any suggestions are welcome.


Great addon. Thank You! Imo should be by default in Blender

Do You plan add preset system for this section:

Can you update this , it seems I cannot install it with 2.81 or 2.82

Also did you made any push for this being shipped with Blender ? It just integrates flawlessly

PresetterProfessional has been updated for 2.81 and 2.82 compatibility. Currently the only place to find the cursor presets is in the N panel. They are not in the Pivot Point dropdown anymore. While I plan on adding additional features in the near future, for now the functionality of 2.80 should be there.

edit: the original link to the 2.82 version produced a zip file with a period in it. Blender doesn’t like zip files with “2.82” in the name. I have fixed the link.


Is anyone else getting this error, and know how to solve it?

Presetter Pro Error

If you go to the download link and then take a look at the upper left edge of the screen you’ll see the Branch dropdown. Switch from master to 2_82 and you’ll get the build for blender 2.82+.

This is still a work in progress. Hopefully I’ll find some time to work on it some this weekend.

Thank you @dpdp for this very useful add-on.
I agree with Pinhead and Orphydian, it would deserve to be in Blender by default, in the community add-ons list.

Could you please add an option to save presets on the “Bevel operator dialog box” that appears after pressing CTRL+B?

I completely agree that this should be a packaged addon. The one thing making me hesitant on pursuing that is I really don’t have a lot of time to maintain it at the level it should be maintained.

I like the idea of having presets for the bevels. I’m REALLY not a fan of the bevel panel layout, so the less I have dig into that panel, the better. I’m thinking it would store everything except the offset value. That way, you could Ctrl+B set the size interactively, and then chose a preset to set profile, offset type, etc.

Oh, I hoped that PresetterProfessional could have stored the offset value too.

Just a bit out of topic but among the following UI mock-ups for the Bevel panel, which one do you prefer?

(scroll down for more mock-ups)

Encountered an error. I think it is caused by using custom studio lighting — .sl files.

Failed to execute the preset: TypeError('bpy_struct: item.attr = val: enum "" not found in (\'basic_1.exr\', \'basic_2.exr\', \'basic_dark.exr\', \'basic_side.exr\', \'blurry_red_plastic.jpg\', \'blurry_silver.jpg\', \'ceramic_dark.exr\', \'ceramic_lightbulb.exr\', \'check_normal+y.exr\', \'check_rim_dark.exr\', \'check_rim_light.exr\', \'chrome_home.jpg\', \'clay_brown.exr\', \'clay_muddy.exr\', \'clay_studio.exr\', \'jade.exr\', \'matcap_adv_shiny_black_plastic.exr\', \'matcap_adv_trwp_skin_rim.exr\', \'metal_anisotropic.exr\', \'metal_carpaint.exr\', \'metal_lead.exr\', \'metal_shiny.exr\', \'modo_default.jpg\', \'modo_gooch_tone_shading.jpg\', \'modo_reflection.jpg\', \'modo_shaded.jpg\', \'nidorx_chrome.png\', \'nidorx_satin_black.png\', \'pearl.exr\', \'reflection_check_horizontal.exr\', \'reflection_check_vertical.exr\', \'reflective_red.jpg\', \'resin.exr\', \'skin.exr\', \'toon.exr\', \'MayaMatcap.exr\', \'MudboxBlue.exr\', \'MudboxBrown.exr\', \'MudboxGreen.exr\', \'MudboxGrey.exr\')')

Looks like the addon tries to look for matcaps instead of studio light files when trying to load viewport settings.

What do you think of the idea to make the add-on also store modifiers settings? :thinking:
Got the idea after reading this message: Modifier List 1.6.2

Sorry for the late reply. I’ll try to get around to looking into making that work. Would picking a preset add a modifier with certain settings or change an existing modifier?

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Hi. Hard to decide. Both ideas are enticing.

I would choose the former because it would allow to quickly load several modifiers (with their own settings) at once.